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    The Disappearance of Clara Olson

    Clara Olson met Erdman Olson (no relation) at a church picnic. Clara was the daughter of farmer Christ Olson in Little Norway, the farmland that rests between LaCrosse and Prairie du Chien. She was a beautiful 22-year-old young woman living the modest life of a Luthern farm girl in the 1920s.  Erdman was the son of a thriving tobacco farmer and given cars and clothes. At 16, he started attending Gale College in Galesville. He was flashy and aloof. But two years later, Clara saw something in him, and they began to date. Christ had wanted to meet the young man, but Erdman insisted on a meeting with Clara away…

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    My First Mystery – Evelyn Hartley

    What happened to Evelyn Hartley? As far as I can remember I have been intrigued by mysteries and crime. I can’t pinpoint¬†when exactly I became a true crime addict, it seems like I always just was. Maybe it started with my love of fictional mysteries. Some of my favorite books as a child were Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. My favorite cartoon? Scooby Doo. My hometown has two unsolved cases that absolutely fascinated me as a small child of about 7 or 8. Since I can’t separate¬†them as to which I learned first it only seems right to do it chronologically. October usually means cooler weather, leaves changing color,…